Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

Print ISSN 1225-1151

Online ISSN 2234-0793

Editorial Regulation

(Revised in April 2019)

The purpose of this regulation is to specify the editorial tasks concerning all publications issued by the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles.

1. The Society shall have an editorial committee to conduct editorial affairs.

  • 1) The editorial committee consist of an editor-in-chief, associate chief editors and editorial board members.
  • 2) The editor-in-chief is appointed by the president and also serves as editorial director.
  • 3) The associate editor and the editorial board members are nominated by the nomination committee and appointed by the editor-in-chief so that professional and fair proceedings are conducted in consideration of specialty areas, affiliations, and regions.
  • 4) The term of office for all editors and board members is two years and may be renewed.

2. The Editorial Board performs the following duties:

  • 1) The editorial board shall hold regular and occasional editorial board meeting and perform editorial affairs.
    • (1) Should the editor-in-chief or one-third of the editorial board members so request, a non-regular board meeting may be summoned.
    • (2) When necessary, subcommittee meetings or online meetings may be held in lieu of the regular or occasional editorial board meetings.
  • 2) The editorial committee shall perform the following editorial tasks.
    • (1) Manage and conduct final review of submitted research manuscripts
    • (2) Review and revise the regulations related to editorial affairs
    • (3) Participate in planning editorial affairs
    • (4) Conduct other tasks related to editorial affairs

3. Matters not specified in this regulation shall be applied in accordance with the customs of the academic community and similar regulations, and the editor-in-chief shall report the process and results to the editorial board and promptly revise regulations accordingly.