Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

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Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles is the official publication of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles. It was launched in 1977. The Journal of Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles aims at providing up-to-date research contents and news on cutting-edge technologies, as well as facilitating the interaction between academia worldwide and related industries, thereby enhancing the professional expertise of its members and contributing to the advancement of apparel.

• Frequency : issued six times a year

• ISSN : 1225-1151 (Print)/2234-0793 (Online)

• Year of Launching : 1997

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Current Issue
Body Shape Classification for Adult Male under 170 cm
170 cm 미만 성인남성 체형 유형화

차수정 Su Joung Cha

45(1) 1-16, 2021


A Study on the Design Characteristics of Athleisure Look in Image-based SNS
이미지 기반 SNS에 나타난 애슬레저 룩의 디자인 특성 연구

권수희 Suehee Kwon , 박민정 Minjung Park

45(1) 17-27, 2021


A Study on Smart Clothing Products Based on Smart Clothing Patent Application Technology
스마트 의류의 제품 사례 연구 -스마트 의류 특허출원 기술을 중심으로-

이재경 Jaekyong Lee , 추호정 Hojung Choo , 김하연 Hayeon Kim

45(1) 28-45, 2021


Evaluation of Seam Puckering and Seam Strength for Conductive Threads
전도성사의 심 퍼커와 봉합강도 평가

이효정 Hyojeong Lee , 박선희 Sunhee Park , 이예진 Yejin Lee

45(1) 46-55, 2021


Effect of Influencers' Characteristics and Consumer Need Satisfaction on Attachment to Influencer, Content Flow and Purchase Intention
인플루언서 특성과 소비자 욕구충족성이 인플루언서 애착, 콘텐츠 몰입 및 구매의도에 미치는 영향

곽지혜 Ji-hye Kwak , 여은아 Eunah Yoh

45(1) 56-72, 2021


Types and Experiential Value of Fashion Mobile Play -Focusing on Play Theory-
패션 모바일 놀이의 유형과 경험적 가치 -놀이 이론을 중심으로-

박신영 Shin Young Park , 이윤경 Yoon Kyung Lee , 이미아 Mi Ah Lee

45(1) 73-93, 2021


Development of the Fundamental Methodology of Lower Cup Pattern depending on 3D Shape Analysis of Breast
3차원 형상 분석을 통한 브래지어 하컵 패턴의 원리 분석

이옥경 Okkyung Lee , 홍경희 Kyunghi Hong , 이예진 Yejin Lee

45(1) 94-105, 2021


Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed Re-entrant Pattern/Neoprene Composite Textile by Pattern Tilting Angle of Pattern
3D 프린팅 Auxetic Re-entrant 패턴의 기울기 각도에 따른 네오프렌 복합 직물의 역학적 특성에 관한 연구

김혜림 Hyelim Kim , 카비르샤흐바지 Shahbaj Kabir , 이선희 Sunhee Lee

45(1) 106-122, 2021


An Analysis on Body Sizes Affecting the Choice of T-shirts Size in On-line Shopping Environments -Focusing on Women in Their Twenties-
온라인 구매환경에서 티셔츠 호칭 선택에 영향을 미치는 신체특성 분석 -20대 여성을 중심으로-

강여선 Yeo Sun Kang

45(1) 123-135, 2021


Analysis of Designer Brands Aiming for the Value of Slow Fashion -Focused on John Alexander Skelton and Geoffrey B. Small-
슬로 패션의 가치를 지향하는 디자이너 브랜드 분석 -John Alexander Skelton과 Geoffrey B. Small을 중심으로-

홍준영 Junyoung Hong , 전재훈 Jaehoon Chun

45(1) 136-154, 2021