Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

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Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles is the official publication of The Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles. It was launched in 1977. Journal of Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles aims at providing up-to-date research contents and news on cutting-edge technologies, as well as facilitating the interaction between academia worldwide and related industries, thereby enhancing the professional expertise of its members and contributing to the advancement of apparel.

• Frequency : issued six times a year

• ISSN : 1225-1151 (Print)/2234-0793 (Online)

• Year of Launching : 1977

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Current Issue
Conservation Treatment and the Development of a Relics Filling Pad to Maintain the Shape of a Doctor's Coat Worn by Seo Jae-pil, the National Registered Cultural Heritage No. 607
국가등록문화재 제607호 서재필 진료가운 보존처리와 유물 충전재 개발

이량미 Ryangmi Lee , 안보연 Boyeon An , 전은진 Eunjin Jun

45(3) 409-422, 2021


The Perspective of Charles Taylor's ‘Authenticity’ on Fashion -Focusing on ‘Goganzi’ Digital Content-
패션에 나타난 찰스 테일러의 ‘자기진실성(Authenticity)’ -‘고간지(Goganzi)’ 디지털 콘텐츠를 중심으로-

이윤경 Yoon Kyung Lee

45(3) 423-438, 2021


A Comparative Analysis of the Design Efficiency of Transformable Wedding Dresses Using 3D Programs -Focusing on Dress Design for Small Weddings-
3D 프로그램을 활용한 트랜스포머블 웨딩드레스 디자인 개발 및 효율성 비교연구 -스몰웨딩용 웨딩드레스 디자인을 중심으로-

배수정 Soojeong Bae , 위안씬이 Xinyi Yuan

45(3) 439-452, 2021


Analysis of the Extension and Contraction of Warp-knitted Fabrics Based on Experimental Conditions
실험 조건에 따른 경편성물의 신장률과 축소율 분석

이옥경 Okkyung Lee , 홍경희 Kyunghi Hong , 이경미 Gyeongmi Lee , 이예진 Yejin Lee

45(3) 453-463, 2021


Effects of Perceived Relational Benefits in Live Commerce on Consumer Trust and Purchase Intention
라이브커머스의 지각된 관계혜택이 소비자 신뢰 및 구매의도에 미치는 영향

박신영 Shinyoung Park , 신수연 Su-yun Shin

45(3) 464-476, 2021


A Study of Pants Pattern Design for Middle-aged Women Based on the BMI Index -For Women Aged 45 to 59 Years-
BMI 지수에 따른 중년여성의 팬츠패턴 설계연구 -45~59세를 대상-

이종규 Jong Kyu Lee , 임호선 Ho Sun Lim

45(3) 477-494, 2021


Effects of the Body Shaping Foundation on Blood Flow and Wearer Comfort for Middle-aged Women
시판 체형보정용 파운데이션이 중년여성의 혈류 및 착용 쾌적감에 미치는 영향

김남임 Nam Yim Kim , 박진아 Gin Ah Park

45(3) 495-509, 2021


A Study Investigating the Relationships between Selfie Practices on Social Media, Muscularity and Body Fat Dissatisfaction among Young Korean Men
남성의 소셜 미디어 셀피 활동과 근육 및 신체 지방 불만족에 관한 연구

이민선 Minsun Lee

45(3) 510-524, 2021


A Study on Sustainable Laundry Behavior -Comparison between Korean and European Consumers-
국내 세탁행동의 지속가능성에 관한 연구 -유럽과의 비교를 중심으로-

위지원 Jeeweon Wee , 이윤정 Yoon-jung Lee , 정혜정 Hye Jung Jung

45(3) 525-545, 2021


Luxury Fashion Brands' Patronage of Arts and Culture as Corporate Philanthropy
럭셔리 패션브랜드의 사회공헌활동으로서의 문화예술지원

이명선 Myeongseon Yi , 범서희 Seohee Beom , 임은혁 Eunhyuk Yim

45(3) 546-558, 2021