Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

Print ISSN 1225-1151

Online ISSN 2234-0793

Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles is the official publication of The Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles. It was launched in 1977. Journal of Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles aims at providing up-to-date research contents and news on cutting-edge technologies, as well as facilitating the interaction between academia worldwide and related industries, thereby enhancing the professional expertise of its members and contributing to the advancement of apparel.

• Frequency : issued six times a year

• ISSN : 1225-1151 (Print)/2234-0793 (Online)

• Year of Launching : 1977

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Current Issue
Gender Characteristics in Virtual Fashion Design -Virtual Avatars' Genders and Genderless Fashion Design Concepts-

Minji Lena Kim , Sang Ha Yun , Inzali Moe , Eun Kyoung Yang

48(3) 397-416, 2024


An Internet Survey and Comparative Wearing Test of Commercial Health Masks
시판 보건용 마스크의 인터넷 조사 및 비교 착용 실험

이경화 Kyong-hwa Yi , 송하영 Hayoung Song

48(3) 417-432, 2024


The Impact of Crisis on Consumers' Value Systems -Psychological Pathways to Sustainable Behavior-

Hongjoo Woo , Daeun Chloe Shin , Sojin Jung , Byoungho Ellie Jin

48(3) 433-450, 2024


Mapping the Landscape and Future Trajectory of Domestic Textile and Fashion Museums -A Case Study of Seoul and Daegu-
국내 섬유·패션 박물관의 현황 분석 및 방향 모색 -서울과 대구를 중심으로-

예민희 Minhee Ye , 임은혁 Eunhyuk Yim

48(3) 451-466, 2024


Analysis of Virtual Fitting Effects of Cropped T-Shirts by Body Type for Women in Their 20s -Utilizing the Effects of Geometric Shapes-
20대 여성 체형별 크롭 티셔츠의 가상착의 효과 분석 -기하 형태 효과의 활용-

한금화 Jinhua Han , 노주현 Juhyun Ro

48(3) 467-484, 2024


The Effect of Consumer Evaluations of Size Recommendation Services Based on Body Information on Consumer Responses and the Moderating Effect of the Level of Information Search
신체정보 기반 사이즈 추천서비스에 대한 소비자 평가가 소비자 반응에 미치는 영향과 정보탐색정도의 조절효과

서상우 Sangwoo Seo

48(3) 485-500, 2024


Comparison of Cooling Effects by Body Part to Increase Thermal Comfort
열적 쾌적성 증대를 위한 부위별 냉각 효과 비교

박소영 Soyoung Park , 이예진 Yejin Lee

48(3) 501-510, 2024


Dyeing Properties of Bacterial Cellulose Fabric using Gardenia Jasminoides, Green Tea, and Pomegranate Peel, and the Effects of Protein Pretreatment
치자, 녹차, 석류껍질을 활용한 박테리아 셀룰로오스 섬유소재의 염색성과 단백질 전처리의 영향

황예림 Yerim Hwang , 김현진 Hyunjin Kim , 김혜림 Hye Rim Kim

48(3) 511-527, 2024


Body Types of Tall Women Over 165cm
165cm 이상 키 큰 여성의 체형 유형

차수정 Su Joung Cha

48(3) 528-542, 2024


Color Developing of Hanji Fabrics by Heat Treatment of Persimmon Juice and Shuliang Extract and Mud Dyeing
감물과 서랑 추출물의 열처리와 진흙염색에 의한 한지직물의 색상 발현

손경희 Kyunghee Son

48(3) 543-562, 2024


Analysis of Changes to a 2D Bodice Sloper According to Shoulder Line Variables of a 3D Mannequin and Their Relationships
3D 인대의 어깨선 변인에 따른 2D 길원형의 변화 및 상호관계 분석

권은순 Eunsun Kwon , 이예진 Yejin Lee

48(3) 563-575, 2024


Development of 3D-printed Cultural Products Using Yuan Blue and White Porcelain Patterns

Bowei Hu , Sun Young Choi

48(3) 576-595, 2024